... We are Zali and Izzy, two Gold Coast based creatives specialising in photography and film. Being raised on the East Coast of Australia we've always got a camera or surfboard in hand. We both have a passion for capturing the surf lifestyle and its beauty. Our inspiration is sparked from the energy and beauty of our planet. 

We are immersed in the coastal lifestyle, and have a lot of experience in capturing it and manifesting it into something to share to the world. We'd love to work with you !




Heyo i'm Izzy, since I was a little tacker i've had an urge for adventure and exploring the world. I'm a bit of an old soul I'm always getting tripped up on overpriced vintage stuff in an antique shop and most of my playlist consists of Stevie Wonder, James brown, Nirvana, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Amy Winehouse and Jimi Hendrix. I've been surfing and skating since I was 5 and spend most of my life with sand in my bed and salt on my face, so you can see where my love for our planet has stemmed from. I want to create and explore different ideas and issues through my art so as that I have meaning and purpose behind my work. One of my greatest muses is the Ocean. She's keeps me grounded and always puts things into perspective, her capricious nature is what fuels me to share her magnificence with the world and help human to realise the significance of what this world brings us.  Through my love for the ocean and surfing I can raise issues like gender equality, feminism and conservation. My photography and film gives me a medium to share what I love and care for to the world and wrap it up into a nice little message.

On the side I love to collaborate with other like minded companies and organisations. I am heavily involved in a sustainable surf brand called Panamuna Project, Cottage Skateboards and also Surfrider Foundation Gold Coast and Tweed branch. 



Heyy my name is Zali, I live life on the sun kissed beaches between Queensland and New South Wales, Australia. I've always had a huge love of the ocean and it's definitely where I spend most of my time, wether it be surfing, swimming or taking photos. My days consist of salty hair and loads of acai. I love experiencing new things and travelling around the world learning about different cultures and ways of life, I am endlessly inspired by this incredible world we live in and how much it gives us. 

I'm passionate about creating artworks, films and photographs that reflect our ocean in its natural beauty, and hopefully inspire people to create change in the way we live and affect our environment. I want to share with people my love of the amazing world that lives under the surface, in a hope to show the importance of conserving and respecting this beautiful part of our planet.

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